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The Green Kids Club!

What is the

Green Kids Club?

Join kids from all over the world in learning about the earth and its citizens, both human and animal kind. Quiz yourself on your animal knowledge, have fun reading and playing games, and challenge yourself to help our planet! Along the way you can earn points and rewards, too.

Who Are

Green Kids?

You are! But you can follow along in the worldwide adventures of boys and girls in our books, too. Maya, Victor, and Tiago are siblings that can talk to animals. In their travels around the globe, they meet all kinds of people and animals that need their help.

Join The Club

Be Like Victor and Maya and Get Involved

Join our Green Kids Club! Do Green things and not only will you get awards from us, but you will make a difference in saving our planet and its animals.

Animal Days

July is National Bison month, Plastic Free month, and also has these specific animal observations:

International Tiger Day is July 29, which recognizes that tigers are some of the most endangered animals on earth and seeks to double their population by 2022. In the last century, the tiger population has plummeted by 95%! There are more tigers kept as pets than there are tigers in the wild, with only about 3,500 left in the wild. These beautiful largest members of the cat family are actually excellent swimmers, unlike most of their relatives, and can swim happily for long distances. Did you know that a tiger even has stripes on its skin? Tigers are solitary animals, except when a mother is raising her cubs. You can learn more about Bengal Tigers here on our Animal Highlights. 

Image by TheOtherKev from Pixabay

Step Up

Challenge Yourself

We've talked about single-use plastics before, but this month gives us a unique opportunity to really try to change our habits with Plastic Free July. From reusable bags and cups to buying in bulk, there are so many ways to reduce our plastics usage. It may be more difficult during this time of contactless exchanges, but we can all make some changes for good. Join 250 million participants across the globe by taking the challenge at Plastic Free July, where you can find tips, read inspiring stories, and take a quiz to gauge your current plastic usage. (If a full month seems impossible, maybe target one type of plastic to cut back or try plastic bag free day on July 3!) Watch this video to see just how easy it can be!


Free Activities

Games and Challenges

Check out our coloring pages or play some fun games!

For older kids, change the world through our Upcycling Challenge!

Want To Know More? Try Our

Animal Highlights

We love animals, because they are so fascinating! Learn more about them here or visit our store for additional educational materials!

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